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Job Opportunities in Precinct Three

Harris County Precinct Three currently has openings for the following positions:

  • Truck driver
  • Equipment operators
  • Park caretaker

For more information about these positions and the qualifications, call the Westside Service Center at (281) 463-6300. You can also email us at jobs@pct3.com.

Apply for a position with Precinct Three

Click on the link below and print out the application.
Fill it out and sign it. It must be signed and all questions answered.


Complete the application. AGAIN, IT MUST BE SIGNED. Do one of four things:

  1. Drop off the signed application at the Westside Service Center at 16635 Clay Road, Houston, Texas 77084
  2. Mail it to the Westside Service Center
  3. Scan it and email it to us at jobs@pct3.com
  4. Fax it to us at (281) 463-8502

This information or application process does not constitute an expressed or implied contract or offer of employment. Any provision contained herein may be modified and/or revoked without notice. All employment is at-will, which means if hired, you or Harris County Precinct Three may terminate the employment relationship at any time for any reason and without notice. Harris County Precinct Three is an equal opportunity employer. YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED UNLESS SIGNED AND ALL RELEVANT QUESTIONS ANSWERED. Applicants must undergo drug and alcohol screening and employees are subject to random drug and alcohol testing.


For suggestions or comments regarding this site please email us at webmaster@pct3.com. For employee access to Outlook click here.

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