Road Projects


Road and Bridge

Harris County Precinct 3 maintains over 1,300 miles of roadways and associated bridges throughout the area. Maintenance includes road reconstruction, storm debris removal, sign installation, right of way mowing, and more. Browse the categories below for more information.

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Road Projects

John Paul Landing North Basin Cell Phase 1
Construct additional detention at John Paul Landing Park and create environmental & wetland habitat areas.
Louetta Road from Stablewood Farms Drive to Little Cypress Creek
Construction of a 4-lane boulevard
West Road from Woodson Terrace to Greenhouse
Construct 2-lanes to complete 4-lane boulevard
Peek Road from Grand Ventana to Stockdick School Road
Construction of a 4-lane boulevard
Asphalt Package 2020-1
Repair portions of Binford Road and Old Washington Road
Asphalt Package 2020-2
Repair portions of Bauer Hockley Road, Kickapoo Road, Badtke Road, Becker Road, and House Road.
Asphalt Package 2020-3
Repair portions of North Eldridge Parkway, Clay Road, Windsong Trail, Katy Hockley Cut Off Road
Asphalt Package 2020-4
Repair portions of Becker Road, Roberts Road, A.J. Foyt Road, and Nichols Road

Traffic Projects (Intersection & Signal)

Barker Cypress at Queenston
Construction of an additional southbound left turn lane (dual left turns)
Kingsland at Westgreen
Construction of an additional southbound right turn lane and reconstruction of the existing traffic signal system
Clay Road at Elrod Road
Construction of a new traffic signal system

Projects Completed in the Last Six Months

Queenston at Longenbaugh
Extension of all left turn lanes, pedestrian upgrades and removal and replacement of failed pavement within the limits of the intersection.
Asphalt Rehabilitation – Hockley Area
Repair portions of Old Washington Road, Hegar Road, Kermier Road, Warren Ranch Road, Warren Road, Austin Street, Walker Road, Bell Street, James Street, Camby Street, San Felipe Road, and Kruger Road.