John Paul Landing Park

The John Paul Landing Environmental Education Center (JPLEEC) is located in the northern portion of the Precinct 3 John Paul Landing Park. The education center’s address is 9950 Katy Hockley Road.  JPLEEC calendar may be found on the website under Activity Calendars, or a link may be found on the John Paul Landing Environmental Education Center park page.  The JPLEEC is open Tuesday – Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  For more information visit the website or call us at 713-274-3131.

John Paul Landing park is 865 acres.  Its most prominent features is a planned 450 acre lake.  Not only does the lake provide a great place to fish, but it serves as a major flood detention facility for the area. When complete it will hold 2200 acre-feet of water. It is designed to accommodate wildlife, both terrestrial and aquatic. The lake was dug over a number of years, and excavation will continue into the future. Currently, the lake is about 176 acres. When completed at 450 acres, it will be the third largest body of water in Harris County.